01 Sep, 2020 5:25 PM

During this current Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare organizations are using more AI and machine learning applications in their efforts to cope with the crisis. As predicted by 18th-century physician Benjamin Bell, Artificial intelligence is indeed enabling physicians to practice better medicine with greater accuracy and increased efficiency.

Artificial intelligence helps process huge amounts of genuinely collected data allowing healthcare organizations and research centers, not only to more efficiently test new patients and develop vaccines but AI also helps with cataloging data, diagnosis, treatment, and reaching conclusions. The Axial AI is a great example of an assistive diagnosis tool, which utilizes AI technology to diagnose COVID -19. When using this equipment, It takes as little as 10 seconds to test a patient for COVID -19 and the diagnosis is more than 90% accurate. While AI could play an important role in the mission to tackle COVID-19, many AI techniques are experimental, rely on big, sensitive datasets. Therefore AI remains underrepresented in this area.

Artificial Intelligence helps mankind in the fight against COVID -19. The use of AI in healthcare can never replace doctors and nurses but AI is enabling healthcare professionals to become more efficient in their efforts to ease suffering and to save lives.


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